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Omni channel Retail Strategy

With Omni channel retailing you can meet customer expectations for a seamless and personalised customer experience across the whole purchase journey, on each step and channel. Omni channel retailing businesses put the customer at the heart of everything they do, Omni channel retailers are truly customer centric.

Research shows that business that implement Omni channel retailing get more customers, that shop more often and more each time.

🛒 Omni channel customers spend 4% more each time in store

🛒 Omni channel customers spend 10% more each time online

🛒 Omni channel customers spend on average 15-35% more overall

🛒 Omni channel customers are more loyal, 23% more buy again

The Omni channel Strategy Development Process

The beOmni strategy development process

The beOmni strategy development process is a five step program designed for retailers who want to transform their business from Multi channel to Omni channel retailing.

1. Business Foundations 

The first step in developing a successful Omni channel retailing strategy is defining the business mission, future vision and strategic focus.

2. Current Situation 

The next step involves analysing current retailing strategy and capabilities.

3. Opportunity Analysis

The third step focuses on identifying opportunities to meet customer expectations for a seamless and personalised purchase experience.

4. Strategy Development

Based on the analysis and findings in steps 1-3, step four focuses on crafting an Omni channel retailing strategy that is tailored to your business and your customer expectations.

5. Implementation 

The last step focuses on a successful implementation and continuous adaptation, critical in the dynamic retailing industry.

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Edda Blumenstein, beOmni founder and advisor

For the past 5 years I have been a doctoral researcher investigating how retailers can transform their business and adopt Omni channel strategy. I have spoken about the various aspects of Omni channel at conferences, in organisations and led many workshops about Omni channel transformation. 

I have led strategic retailing transformation projects in large organisations, both as a General Manager and Consultant. I have also founded and run my own online retail business.

I realised that there are many retailers out there that need strategic guidance to successfully adopt Omni channel retailing and this is why I developed the beOmni Strategy Development Program where I combine my industry experience with my doctoral research.

What do our customers say?

“Edda was the leading consultant of the Kringlan’s development of a new digital strategy. The project is huge because because of major changes in retail in terms of technological progress. She led the project with great professionalism and energy. Right from the start, she set out a work schedule and followed it closely in every way and infected enthusiasm. Edda will continue to work closely with us in introducing digital innovations – as she is a unique expert.“

Baldvina Snælaugsdóttir, Marketing Director, Kringlan shopping mall

“Edda Blumenstein is in my opinion one of the main expert when it comes to the integration of digital media or mode OMNI channel strategy for the company. That is why we chose it to manage such a project for Icepharma. Edda managed the project of single genius, enchanted participants, worked quickly and professionally. She delivered the project extremely well so it was easy to work start implementing it with a clear focus of where we are heading. We will undoubtedly continue to use her forces”.

Þuríður Hrund Hjartardóttir, General Manager Retail, Icepharma

“Edda Blumenstein was one of the speakers at Krossmiðlun 2018. This year the topic we were trying to untangle and learn more about was Data and how we can use it in marketing. With her expertise in Omni Channel she added excellent insight to the topic. Well spoken and professional speaker who I hope to continue working with through her counselling service”.

Vigdís Jóhannsdóttir COO Pipar\TBWA

“Exciting and challenging journey into new and exciting times with a great tour guide, Edda who has great passion for the job and gets you all the way with positivity and good follow-up”

Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir, Board of Directors, Dýrheimar

“”Edda managed crafting the company’s strategy with great enthusiasm, was encouraging and always fun to work with. Was very organized and well acquainted with what our business was about. The goal of each work session is clear and good time management” ”

Auðunn Ragnarsson, CEO, Dýrheimar

“Edda is an energy ball that is fun to work on projects with. Passion and knowledge do not hide. She had a workshop for us at Já and was absolutely fantastic. Edda sharpened our focus. The work left more focus and was encouraging. She is still a guiding light. Recommend Edda ”.

Dagný Laxdal, Head of sales & business solutions, Já hf.

“Edda really helped me to look at my business from a customer oriented view and gave my a deeper insight into what to focus on in the customer journey.” 

Rut Steinsen, CEO at SimplyBook.me

“I totally recommend Edda for those who want to create an effective marketing strategy in line with the present. Edda guided us through the whole process which gave me a better understanding and I actually got to know my company all over again. It is a real dream to have dissected the business and come up with a comprehensive plan. “”  

Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir, Founder and Owner, Culiacan

Schedule a free call to evaluate if the beOmni strategy development process is suitable for you and your business.

No commitment at all.

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