Upplýsingar um ráðstefnur sem Edda Blumenstein, eigandi og ráðgjafi beOmni er og hefur verið með erindi á.


Verslun í stafrænum heimi. Janúar 2021

Einstök og minnistæð viðskiptavina upplifun. Október 2020

Digital Retail Transformation Webinar – 9. september 2020

The Retail Bulletin stendur fyrir Digital Retail Transformation Webinar í September þar sem ég mun taka þátt í panel umræðu um Connecting omnichannel touchpoints – embracing innovation in consumer analytics to transform the customer journey.

Tími: 9.05 (íslenskur tími). Nánari upplýsingar og frí skráning hér

eTail Europe – 1. og 2. september 2020

Infinite Transformation: How to succeed in an Omnichannel world

“Edda is a fantastic guest speaker, and caters to the needs of her specific audience. She prepares extensively to understand her clients’ meeting objectives, values and vision well beyond what most speakers do. Her years of expertise shine through in her presenting, and the attendees leave with pages of notes and take-aways”.

Lori Hawthorne, Divisional Director Worldwide Business Research

The Omnichannel Futures Conference – Febrúar 2020

“Edda presented at the Omnichannel Future conference 2020. Her presentation about successful transformation in an Omnichannel world was incredibly well received, insightful, well articulated, well researched, engaging, well thought out and beneficial to all of our retail delegates. We hope to work with her again“. Karen Howard, MD, The Retail Bulletin

Krossmiðlun – September 2018

„Edda Blumenstein was one of the speakers at Krossmiðlun 2018. This year the topic we were trying to untangle and learn more about was Data and how we can use it in marketing. With her expertise in Omni Channel she added excellent insight to the topic. Well spoken and professional speaker who I hope to continue working with through her counseling service.“ Vigdís Jóhannsdóttir, COO PiparTBWA

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